At 15: a few remarkable things….

I turned 15 in January… 

That is a good amount of time in any life – especially Secondlife.  Of course – time is relative.

Also,  I’m coming out of COVID years, and out of a long recovery time back to health.  Over the past few years – I came inworld in the middle of my night, set myself on “unavailable” and proceeded to sit on beaches, sail boats, ride horses, and wander aimlessly distracting myself.  I came to love the work of nekonuko Nakamori and her “wandering_world” series (  I too, was wandering – but without the energy to document it.

For me, whose Secondlife has always involved  music in a big way, it felt like there was a big hole in what I was doing.  I knew I was starting to feel better when I started reaching out to people, showing up at clubs again – and finally wanting to re-open Bebu.

I love having a small gallery – and having the work of people I respect in the gallery.  It’s not fancy – and not part of any art “scene.”  (I tend to avoid those in RL too.)  As I began pulling ideas together, I came back to turning 15.  There are 15 years of “things” in my inventory.  Including a lot of wonderful art/design pieces by creatives whose output has kept me awed and entertained for those 15 years. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means.

Please visit and enjoy these pieces from my personal collection. They will be up for a couple more months at the Bebu Gallery …. which you can find here. And you are welcome to wander around the place. Nice spot for photos and chilling out.

Peace. Lanne


Kean Kelly   (keke) (* Be kind. Always. *)

**[ keke ] Snow Jar – Fox / part of the snow jar collection

Sadly, keke seems to have left SL. But the body of whimsical (and well designed)

Work she has left behind is scattered across the grid.


Mistero Hifeng

Cammino & Vivo Capovolto

**Eppure esisto

**Ti nascondero’…un giorno

**Tra ragnatele… (b)


che ci importa del mondo


Bryn Oh Artist working in oil paint, bronze and virtual spaces.

My group/sim is called Immersiva

**Bryn Oh Lobby Cam birds / Lobby Cam


Aino Beresford

**Alices Garden* bird chair-large


Oldie (oldschool.spittler)

current SL landscaper extrordinare

**Cloudballomsitting – Bazaar creation


Strawberry Holiday

I am Jennifer Burlingame, an artist and teacher from Washington State.  For more info, check out my art at website or find me on Deviant art at

**Strawberry Holiday’s Word Tree

**Pink Rapture Tree

**Rapture Tree


Mitsuko Kytori (Nature is an Art)

Hayabusa Design CEO – Main Designer.

**Hayabusa Design – Art One M1-2 LPE Animated

**Hayabusa Design – Art One M1-2 HPE Animated


antonio (elros.tuominen)

Artea orokorki, eta musika partikularki, beste mundua bisitatzeko, barrukoa…

1973/XII/18 an jaiota.

Zeozer gehiago jakin nahi baduzu, just IM me, mila esker

**Guiding Domch Lights small

**Silent talking


Spiral Watcher

I’m not really in this world anymore.

**Wall Piece 9


dazai Voom illustrator

I make toys, furniture, homes, animals, and vehicles.

D-LAB main shop sky garden, Poecila  (10, 131, 3002)

**D-LAB Valentine Tree

**D-LAB+andika  Planet to dream06

**D-LAB Star clock Green


Pira (piraiyah.novikov)

**NOMAD Wall Planetarium


Shami Azalee

**TLG – Glam Poppy Floral Bust


Hattie Panacek (hatris.panacek)

Owner and builder of Ex Machina

**Terrarium 2

**Ex Machina Terrarium

**Museum Cabinet 1 Tall

**Museum Cabinet 3 Wide

Cato (cato.basevi)

**Rothko poster chair #2

**Rothko meditation mat



I am an artist, and I use SL as way to express my art in the virtual world.  You can visit some of my art in my picks.  Upcoming project: SLEA grant artist for 2022

I dream, and I paint.

Here’s a link to an interview about my art:

**Chinese 3D Painting – Bamboos – S

**Egg Decor Gift By FionaFei

**Chinese 3D Painting – Koi Fish 02


Jake Vordun

Owner of:  Fancy Decor / The Vordun Museum /  Burin

**02 Fancy Decor: Opulent Egg II (onyx)


Alla Baroque

Builds & Furniture direct SLurl: Selidor (215,128,1528)

**~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 05 “Safe Haven”


Canolli Capalini

No, it’s not usual to have a woman woodworker in the industrialized 1800’s. But my furniture speaks volumes about the care I was taught to put into my work.

**CFF – Ornate Egg – Blooming


AM Radio

**shadowBoxDragonFly AM RADIO

**microscope AM RADIO


michi Nino (michi.organiser)


**[MG]shelf -macaron Green


Zinnia Karu

I make creative, lovingly hand textured, furniture with a Southwestern/Mexican bent.

**Zinnias Mexican Nicho Vintage Madonna


菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)



Nur Moo

Photographer, event creator

Poetik Velvets

**#1 Image

**#2 Image



RAIN – Terrygold Art Gallery , Peaceful Land  (242, 100, 1107)


**TERRY – RAIN – N10

**TERRY – RAIN – N35


Lundy Lovely

hive mainstore, hive  (139, 55, 25)

**hive // words is (y)ours sign


Lanne Wise

Bebu Club and Gallery

**Image “Lanne Wise and Nur Moo”

**Image “Cato’s Build


(I ended up having to take some of these objects down because they were so prim heavy! Ask me if you want to see them and I will pull them out for you.)

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“It's not a big thing, but I guess it's true--big things are often just small things that are noticed.” ― Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger
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