Winter Pop-Up Books



frostwoods pop up book – m o c h i (amelie knelstrom) @ vespertine

Finding well constructed pop-up books inworld is a real treat.  They are close to my heart – as I am a bookmaker and teach bookarts on this other side of the screen.  I suppose that if you wanted to be particular, these are not pop-up books. They are actually book sculptures.  One reason for this is that they do not close flat or involve the same kind of paper engineering that pop-ups have.

But I digress.  There are two different books in SL – but I am just showing you the one called frostwoods (above) as I was able to find what I think is its physical counterpart (below). In world, They were part of a 50L Friday sale @ Vespertine –  so you will have to check and see if she is still selling them.

Here is the RL version of the book by British book artist Su Blackwell..  Take the time to check out her site.  She has created incredible book sculptures in addition to her other work.  POPUP SUE BLACKWELL

Teaching people to make pop-up books involves a variety of skill sets – both aesthetic and technical.   Paper engineering isn’t necessarily easy, especially as things become more complicated.  Then there are all of the other issues involved with work in this genre – the relationships between pages, covers, text, and the form and content of the object itself.  All of those things are in play and talking back and forth to one another.

If you don’t know anything about pop-ups and would like to learn,  I highly recommend starting here – at Carol Barton’s site.  Carol has published a series of books about pop-ups that are wonderful teaching tools.  I use them in the studio – my own, and the other that I teach in.  (Aside from the fact that I loaned two of them to a colleague or student a couple of semesters back and they were never returned – sniff, sniff.  I now take phone pics of everyone who walks out of my office with a book so I can remember where it is…).

Barton has created a series of her own books as well, both pop-up and another of my personal favorite forms to work with – tunnel books.



Admiring frostwoods at home.







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