High Water

high water meanderings

I went the first time because I had read about it on Ziki Questi’s blog.  Morton Funk, the creator, was there and we had a cool conversation about music. He has one of the most  intelligent streams playing on the grid – which is so rare – jazz and things I don’t know how to categorize and David Bowie’s new album . (Listen to Maria Schneider’s – Walking By Flashlight at the end of the post.)

And the space is stunning.   You need to immerse yourself in it – words don’t do it justice. I came back the second time to take photographs and the third time just to sit and listen and write this post.

high water panorama_002

High Water panorama

High Water makes me think of Andy Goldsworthy – in more ways than one.  Goldsworthy, a British Sculptor  has worked outdoors, rejecting traditional studio production. From 1976 until 1984, his ephemeral works in natural environments  were not shown as such, but rather as photographs of the works, as they disappeared or disintegrated. Recent works are generally permanent; their construction involves interaction with landowners and builders, providing a foil to the solitary ephemeral creations.  Martin Hill is another sculptor who works this way – see the image and the link to his site below.


Things change so fast on SL – ephemeral pixels.  How is it that some places are able to raise such powerful connections and memories for us?  Light and sound and color – used so deftly here – are signifiers for each of us as we see them through the lens of our own memories and experiences.  I am smitten with the way this can happen in the physical world AND the virtual world.

There is a wonderful book called Chambers for a Memory Palace that speaks to this.  Especially as it relates to light – which is such an important component of High Water.

Space and form are understood in light.  Light can clarify them, as the ancient Greeks knew, or it can extend and enhance mysterious distances, as did light coming through stained glass in Medieval cathedrals.  It can move and change continually the spots on which it lavishes its attention …. light can sparkle or dapple or slide across a surface …. we can’t sense space without light and we can’t understand light without shadow and shade, which are different from each other.  Shadow is the ghost of an object, shade, the absence of light……


riding @ High Water

high water_001

riding @ High Water


I work in nature because we are nature…..  Martin Hill


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“It's not a big thing, but I guess it's true--big things are often just small things that are noticed.” ― Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger
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