‘picking out constellations’



Starfield 6- Pleiades – 2005, Barbara Cervenka

(Phys.org)—An international team of astronomers reports the discovery of four new giant exoplanets orbiting stars much bigger than our sun. The newly detected alien worlds are enormous, with masses from 2.4 to 5.5 the mass of Jupiter and have very long orbital periods ranging from nearly two to slightly more than four Earth years. The findings were published on Mar. 11 in a research paper available online at arXiv.org.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2016-03-giant-planets-stars.html#jCp

This constellation of us…can’t focus on your ex  your partner  your kids your job whatever it is …don’t care where or how you spend your time – well I do – but I am not going to focus on it.   I will never ever feel your flesh your lips your cock but I definitely feel something  so intensely that it makes my heart stop when you say certain words or when you are looking out at the horizon you like best and the edges of your mouth are curled in a hint of a smile.

He says: meet me on the moon sweetheart

She says: stars are lovely
He says: i think you should have more stars up here… i’ll fix that for you
She says: thank you love

In a virtual world you can give your lover the moon and the stars.  And if there aren’t enough stars, you can add more – or brighten them.  If the moon isn’t blue enough – you can change that too.





Ex Machina – Kopernikus Grand Orrery v 1.21  hatris panacek

An orrery is a mechanical model of the solar system that illustrates or predicts the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons, usually according to the heliocentric model. (wikipedia).  This one has a realistic rotation of the planets around the sun and with the menu you can select each planet and this will briefly highlight it and give you some info about the place…you can set the speed of the rotation and set it to the current date.  Marketplace link.

“And we came forth to contemplate the stars.”
― Dante Alighieri


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“It's not a big thing, but I guess it's true--big things are often just small things that are noticed.” ― Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger
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