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I was thinking about Sofia Coppla’s movie, Marie Antionette.  I was staying in the Mohave Desert where everything was rocks and sand, no trees for miles – just some sagebrush.  And because it was 105 degrees (and still only May) things were looking a bit brittle.  I was remembering the pinkness of this movie.  Similar to the pinkness of all the blossoming trees that cover my neighborhood now that I am back home on the Great Lakes.

Something “funny” (as in a funny smell) happened after  WW2. American women were, in general, returning to home-maker status and men were taking back their old jobs in the workforce.   Suddenly, femininity equaled pink, and products were pitched to the “woman of the house” — from shampoos to fancy fashion.  The why of this is has a history, a rich and interesting story that involves economics, fashion, science and race.

Today – metrosexuals and gender bending is unlocking this color divide. Males are thinking pink again … but will it ever be the new black?  For more, look here:

Pinkish. Pink grapefruit. Deep pink.  Pretty in pink.  Pinking shears. Pink ribbons, the color pink is associated with fashion and femininity; today does any other color have as much social significance and gender association.  Pink sherbert.  Pink quartz.  Pastel pink.  Pink lace.  Pepto Bismol pink.  Pink   Ruddy pink.  Salmon pink.  Pink tea roses.  In the pink. Pink poppies.  Pink poodles.

Photographer JeongMee Yoon felt her daughter's life was being overtaken by pink. She illustrated that in her 2006 portrait Seo Woo and Her Pink Things.

Seo Woo and Her Pink Things.  JeongMee Yoon
(The artist’s young daughter in the middle of her pink possesions.)

Pink flamingo.  Pink taffy.  Pink ballet slippers.  Pink peonies.  Shocking pink.  Pearl pink.  Pink geraniums.  Powder-puff pink.  Pink lemonade.  Champagne pink.  Pink ribbon.  Pink blossoms.  Baby pink. Pink daisy.  Watermelon pink.  Pink bunny slippers.  Fucshia pink.   Piggy pink.  Light pink. Pink frosting.  Hot pink.  Pink eye.  Cameo pink.  Lipstick pink.  Pink cotton candy.  Bubblegum pink. Bright pink.  Pink orchids.  Cerise pink.   Pink Rose. Tickle me pink.  Pink posies.  Spanish pink.  Pink pedal pushers.  Persian pink.  Neon pink.  Pink carnation.  Pink panties.  Garden Pink.

 Some of MY pink things……

  • floorplan. vintage scooter / pink [add me] RARE  Tegan Serin
  • Abiss Interior – Tanto chair Lacquer Pink  Frasha Boa
  • Retro Record Player Pinkish  Ais Aeon
  • [ keke ] crocus – pink Kean Kelly
  • Ariskea [ Jane ] Tulips In Bloom [Vintage Rose]  Aris (diaxm)
  • Re:CP: & PILOT Garden Party Table  Isla Gealach
  • Culprit Bucket of Roses  eku Zhong
  • Garden Rose Teaset – Empty Saucer   Robin Sojourner
  • Balloon Giraffe (pink) higbee protagonist
  • {what next} Amalfi Tealight (pink)  winter thorn
  • [ keke ] notebooks – pink  kean kelly
  • Eure Drafting Stool (pink/natural) elle kirshner
  • Apple Fall Roses Box (Pink)  apple fall
  • LY_Potted Pink Roses  Liz Yates
  • Second Spaces – Clean Sweep – the whole set as one object  elle kirshner
  • [ keke ] glass vase w magnolias – pink kean kelly
  • Polka Dot Egg – Pink laura liberty
  • Beanbag Seat – Pink  ceecee deschanel
  • Wild Fairy Wand – pink1 1 lilith heart
  • [ keke ] wall clutter – pink kean kelly
  • Bushu Nahia Raspberry  bushashoes
  • {Kitchinette – materio cup– soft pink} little disaster
  • Sway’s Nail Polish closed – pink Sway Dench
  • [ keke ] allium – pink/pink kean kelly
  • *aG* water lily flower pink alir flow
  • shabby screen various textures  Sunday Jarvis
  • A Spray of Pink and Dusky Rose Petals [C]  Alchemy Cyanis
  • -tb- Small Vase of Roses – Pink  Juliette Westerberg
  • honeycomb wall art – RFL pink  elle kirschner
  • {Petite Maison} Bowl of Jumbo Macarons: Pink 1 prim  Indyra Seigo
  • Pink Cherry Blossom Tree – young2 4 LilithHeart
  • +Half-Deer+ Country Rose Chandelier – Soft Pink  Halogen Magic
  • fruit drink pink  may tolsen
  • PILOT – Tufted Sofa [Pink] Kaz Nayar
  • Trompe Loeil – Industrial Lounger Hot Pink  c. edo
  • Flowers – Pink Roses alek wu
  • Pink Hurricane Baki Baskerville
  • Heart – Hollyhocks – Group – All Pinks 1  lilith heart
  • LISP – Piano with sits  – Shabby Wood – Pink (with music) Pandora Popstar
  • /artilleri/ Plant – Swell sansevieria *pink pot* antie mae

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“It's not a big thing, but I guess it's true--big things are often just small things that are noticed.” ― Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger
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